An Irish Goodbye
An Irish Goodbye

An Irish Goodbye With Q&A

Implied strong language, drug misuse.

TIVOLI, in association with Floodlight Pictures presents a special screening of the OSCAR / BAFTA-winning short film An Irish Goodbye followed by a Q&A with cast and crew including Gloucester filmmaker Tom Berkeley. (Monday 27th March– Cheltenham / Tuesday 28th March– Bath).

Against the backdrop of rural Northern Ireland, An Irish Goodbye tells the story of estranged brothers Lorcan (James Martin) and Turlough (Seamus O’Hara) who reunite following the untimely death of their mother (Michelle Fairley).

Under the watchful eye of odd-ball parish priest Father O’Shea (Paddy Jenkins), the brothers’ pained reunion is worsened by the fact Turlough must now make new care arrangements for Lorcan, who has Down syndrome. A robust and dedicated farmer, Lorcan’s dreams of continuing to live and work on the family farm are thwarted when Turlough announces he’s sending him to live with their Aunt on the other side of Ireland.

But when the pair discover an unfulfilled bucket list belonging to their late mother, Lorcan senses an opportunity: he’ll only agree to leave the farm once he and Turlough have themselves completed every single wish on their mother’s list… all one hundred of them.

Winner of Best Live Action Short Film at the 95th Academy Awards and BAFTA winner for Best British Short Film 2023.
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Directed By: Tom Berkeley; Ross White

Starring: Michelle Fairley; Paddy Jenkins; James Martin

Distributor: Other Independents

Release Date: 27.03.2023

Country: Ireland

Language: English

Genre: Comedy,Drama

Running Time: 80 mins running time excl. ads + trailers